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Are you in need of customized uniforms, t-shirts, and other apparel for your school or school-related activities? Then Mad Sports Apparel's spirit wear collection is what you need to check out.

Since the company's inception, we have always considered providing for schools to be one of our topmost priorities as we sincerely value the work that they do for future generations.

Our commitment to helping schools with their uniform requirements as well as sportswear, field day t-shirts, field trip, and event clothing is finally realized in our spirit wear collection. Additionally, spirit wear is also used by businesses for special events or leagues.

At Mad Sports Apparel, you can find all sorts of gear that is perfect for school teams, as well as uniforms, screen printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and even embroidered polos. All our products are sharp, stylish, and high quality, ensuring that the wear and tear with time are kept to a minimum.

The process of getting started with your spirit wear apparel is quite simple. Share the relevant details such as school name, mascot, shirt, and imprint colors as well as other information that you may want to have printed onto the product.

From this point on, our design and graphics team will take charge and bring your idea to fruition. Once the design is completed, the team will send you the final sample for approval before printing and manufacturing begins.

For Mad Sports Apparel, it is important to build a relationship with our client that thrives on communication. This relationship is how we are able to translate your expectations into the products themselves and why we remain one of the top choices for spirit wear for schools, leagues, and other scenarios.

If you have any questions to ask about the process or want to get started with your design, you may contact customer service via our website.


Mad Sports Apparel provides the best-customized uniforms, t-shirts or hoodies for your school`s sports teams. Regarding sportsmanship and team spirit, schools are very careful about choosing the spirit wear for their students. That is an ideal way to foster unity and identity in a school. Therefore, Mad Sports Apparel can be your stop for great and unique school spirit wear. Here are some reasons to choose Mad Sports Apparel for your school`s uniform and spirit wearables.


To appeal to the biggest audience of clients and provide them with more ways to demonstrate their loyalty, Mad Sports Apparel helps the client choose a tantalizing assortment of time-tested faves and cool new styles. Whether it is year-round awareness and team-building spirit, the clients can consider both seasonal and off-season branding. The more t-shirts, tanks, long-sleeved raglan t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, trousers, sweatshirts, and hoodies, the better, as the saying goes. We provide a large variety of apparel if a school decides to get its spirit wear done.


All our products are extremely stylish and high-quality, keeping in mind the colour choices of teens and adults. We understand that the potential buyers for our clients` spirit wear may include players, their families, the staff, and the general public, which gives us the insight to work and, interestingly, design the apparel. Diversity is one of our strengths because athletics and the dance team's spirit wear are as essential as the Sports team, robotics club and Jeopardy. We ensure that we treat all our apparel and its design process with complete inclusivity and individuality.


At Mad Sports Apparel, we follow the latest sports team spirit apparel trends and others so your students fall in love with the wearables. Clients are always keen on getting apparel designed in the most trending and chic way possible. Our team of designers ensure that we create pieces that can trend, as we love our fashion sense.

Individuals spend money on spirit apparel due to their desire to express their enthusiasm for a team or institution. But because wearability also means visibility, they want their expenditure to last as you do. The premium brand names we carry at Mad Sports Apparel guarantee that the products your customers select will look and fit perfectly, last longer, and provide the greatest value.


We ensure that all our products are of high quality and up to the mark regarding stylistics in custom apparel. Our firm belief is that communication throughout the entire process of designing spirit wear apparel for your school is intact. We ensure that we get each of our designs approved by the school’s core team before moving ahead. This is one reason we consider ourselves the best translators of the school`s vision and mission in its uniform and apparel.

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